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Under Siege: The Suburban Crisis in American Culture, 1975-2001 - Under Contract with Johns Hopkins University Press


Under Siege: The Suburban Crisis in American Culture, 1975-2001 addresses the novel and increasingly dominant ways that Americans imagined, traversed, and regulated suburban space in the late 20th century. It examines the intersection of media, popular culture, and practice to interpret the production of space and power in the postwar United States. Specifically, Under Siege considers how news media and popular culture shifted the notion of suburban life from a largely bucolic existence to a hazardous undertaking; the shift involved cultural changes in how media and the public represented and reproduced criminal, environmental, moral, and social threats as emerging problems in American suburbs. This shift was a crisis in which suburbanites felt genuine anxiety and danger. In that new cultural climate, they likewise felt justified in their responses to vexing issues like toxic waste, burglary, satanic heavy metal music, and kidnapping among many others. The emergent “dangers” of suburbia, and the sense of constant hazard that media portraits of suburban life produced did not undermine suburbanites’ power so much as facilitate forms of victimization that actually enhanced local sovereignty and a sense of social and geographic distinction. Those real and imagined threats, then, extended and enhanced the suburbanites’ politics of pragmatic privatism and self-protection. Those articulations represented an ideologically agnostic culture of conservatism facilitated by broader political movements of the era largely divorced from their ideological attachments. 

In progress:

“‘Say You Love Satan’: Teens and Popular Occulture in 1980s America,” in Growing Up America: Youth and Politics since 1945, Sara Fieldston, Susan Eckelman, and Paul Renfro, eds., under contract at University of Georgia Press, Publication Expected December 15, 2019.

Remote Control: Consumers Electronics, Space, and Power in Postwar America

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Conferences and Invited Presentations

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